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AddToAny-add social media buttons on your site.

Recently, when I reviewed others’ social media structurer, I came across a great website called AddToAny which could generate a website code for sharing social media links automaticlly.  I think it should be relatively useful for those who wants to start social media strategy for their websites. It included website, email, wordpress, and blogger and so on.

Help visitors share, bookmark and subscribe to your content with AddToAny, the world’s best sharing button.

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NING Network

The social media subject I am going to figure out for this week is NING ( a social network website. It’s interesting to experience this social media platform and see how it works.

As introduced by Ning itself, Ning is an online service that allows users to create their own so­cial networks and join and participate in other networks. I think it’s more like group function in facebook. Compared with facebook, it’s more compatible and flexible. It allow people to coustom their own profile, such as color, theme, elements… and it also allow creator to arrange their tools they really need in the group. Most people use Ning for education, project development, interests purpose. In function, it has unlimited photo and video free uploading, and inform some events to everyone in the group. It’s worth to mention that it has a chat tool for members to discuss with each other straightway. I created a network called Manchester Chinese Centre in order to experence Ning network. Here is the picture of chat tools in the Ning network.

A large number of teachers created class network with their students to discuss and share information for study work. It’s great for teachers to keep in touch with students for class. No technical skill is required to set up a social network, and there are no limits to the number of networks a user can join.

After setup my network, I tried to find some interesting group. It’s very easy and convenient to search keywords on the top of Ning website. It’s great to join the group you really interested and meet with people who are the same as you.  

Normally, when I joined a group, the automatic email would be sent to my email account. For instance, I joined the Social Media Manchester membership group, and in the email, there were four suggestions:

1. Invite your friends to join you:

2. Add Content:

3. Tell your Twitter followers:

4. Set up your profile:
In each suggestion, there was a link available to click. That’s kind of virus network for advertising.

To sum up, Ning is a great website for a group of people to use and it has more advantages on network communication. It’s great to share information for some certain subject purpose in groups.

However, it has much more group control when you join others’ groups. It’s more suitable for private or small group to use rather than public profile.

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Does iPhone changed our lives?

There has been a large number of new technology continually effecting people’s lives such as fast broadband internet, HDTV, Blue ray DVD, IPTV, and iPhone 3GS. They are all emerging and amazing technology that gave people more convenient and higher efficient in working. There was no doubt that people benefit from the new technology. In the few years, one of them which is iphone with 3G network has become more and more popular. Some people believe iPhone is a life changing technology which integrated so many functions into one portable device. However, others argue that it’s more as a toy then something serious and compensated that the users are wasting their time to play and search useless games and applications.

Recently, I bought an iPhone and enjoy it very much. I was happy for the default application in iphone. The difference from the phones used before is the weather report application is very useful and quite convenient. From this, I could decide how many clothes to put and whether to bring an umbrella. Although they are all small things, it truly benefits my life.

Last week, I went hiking in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, and my iphone made me happy again. The GPS in my iPhone was relatively accurate illustrating our location that makes us very easy to choose the route.

From the negative side, to be honest, I have to say it took me some time to play games indeed as it’s so entertainment. However, it’s not the fault of iphone. People using new technology should know the critical aspects. I only play games when taking traffics which seem like a good excuse.

From my experience, iPhone is definitely useful and convenient, especially for the master study of social media as new social communication applications could be experienced. I can send and receive emails, log on facebook, twitter, and read other’s blogs…  The social communication function of iPhone is a revolution from my point of view. That is a big communication tool connecting between you and the world.

iWikiPhone: social network for iphone users

I do not know what the differences between iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs before I figured it out. I think it could be useful for some people are not exactly sure as well. The iPhone 3G released July 11, 2008, supports faster 3G data speeds via UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) with 3.6 Mbps HSDPA, and assisted GPS. The iPhone 3GS has improved performance, a camera with higher resolution and video capability, voice control, and support for 7.2 Mbps HSDPA downloading (but remains limited to 384 Kbps uploading as Apple has not implemented the HSPA protocol). It was released in the U.S., Canada and six European countries on June 19, 2009. (From Wiki)

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File sharing and Music downloading

The topic of this week is file sharing and music downloading. As the development of network technique, such as peer-to-peer downloading software, there has been a debate about whether people can download music or share files through the Internet. The most concerned were music and copyrights.

Some people believed the file sharing was extremely harmful for the music industry. Music downloading without payment was a kind of stealing from others. The behaviours led to the big revenue loss of the music producers. From the perspective of musicians, they make the music tracks with much more efforts and should be paid in return. But people could copy and download their products without any payments. That’s relatively unfair to musicians and it could easily make them lose their passions to create new music and possibly cause the recession of music industry.

However, on the other hand, others argued that this is a new music industry model. People can only buy what they really like. The customers have the right to try to listen the music and decide which one they would like to pay. There is no reason that people pay each tracks and it is also impossible. Free music online was kind of promotion of musicians’ products. Even though the music tracks are free to download and share, there are still other approaches to benefit from their products. For instance, the vocal concert is a good way for these outstanding artists to get the money back. Furthermore, the artists should be happy that people love his work and enjoy listening the music. In other words, the more population downloading the music, the more popular the musician is, and the more benefits he can get. That increases the much higher competition of music industry.  

By now, there was still no efficient way to control the file sharing in the digital world. Even though music downloading was illegal, no one got the fine and punishments. There is no significant meaning to regulate it in law.

As far as I am concerned, most of music should be free for people to enjoy. The traditional revenue model was changed and should be transferred to others. Spotify software was a relatively excellent example to show this point of view. At that point, music could only be adopted by non-commercial. Once the music was used for the commercial purposes, the musicians should be paid legally. Furthermore, creative commons are a good idea to respect the owners and let them present where their products could be used legally.

To response to the article of Jeremy Silver’s blog (, slowing bandwidths was not an efficient way as it was not feasible and also prevented from the development of society.

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UGC(Users Generate Content) is a very popular word  nowadays. It was coming with Web 2.0 and has become the major method that big web companies adopted to attract more and more people envolved. Youtube is the biggest UGC website, it has the most audiences all over the world. There are some similar famous video websites which are very good as well.   

In china, due to the language  and policy reason, there are some other video websites. They all based on the UGC model.


Generally speaking, the video websites are the platforms allowing people uploading, watching and sharing their videos. As the development of network technology, the stream media has become more and more feasible and also more popular. 

The key point for the  video websites was the contents were generated by audiences themselves. And that makes people feel free to share and watch the videos.

As far as I am concerned, speed and quality are the main factors affecting the video website companies developed. I just found Vimeo has a very high performance on HD contents which are fairly fluency as well. I watched some fantasitc videos on the Vimeo, and some of them are very professional.  Some brilliant editing skills could be shared and learnt, which were pertty good for media study.

The UGC video websites really changed people’s lives. Most people enjoy watching random videos on the websites for entertament, and most of them are quite funny. And some people would like use them to find news. However, what I preferred for these website is the education function. I am always looking for the technical video tutorials and learnt a lot.

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Using Social Media for research

With the continuous development of network technology,  a new isuue about using social media for research was brought into people’s minds. The typical technology was Web 2.0 that allowed people to communicate with each other easily. At present, facebook and twitter were the most popular platforms to engage more people.   Therefore, what are the advantages of social media research?  There are some reasons why people want to use social media in the research.

Using social media in research could be easy for researchers to get a large number of participants involed in the research topic. There were no needs to go outsides and find people around, which caused most time wasting on finding participants. Furthermore, reserach based on the internet was also good at the diversity of sample seletion. That means there were no region or time limitation at all. The partipants could come from any contries at any time whatever they wanted. For instance, the global research coud be conducted on the Internet. Therefore, using social media for research could be more efficient than traddtional research.

Another reason why people favoured research using social media was there was no costs through the research. The research was absolutely free to anyone online. The topic would attract those interested in this area instead of paying people to do the participants in traditional research. Once people could use computer or other devices to access the Internet, the research could be conducted. It would greatly reduce not only the research of human and material cost, but also transportation pollution. For example, you don’t need to meet people, make appointments or rent the place to do the test, etc.

Another advantage, as far as I’m concerned, was some good feedback from the participants online could be gathered. The platforms could allow people to discuss with each other. Sometimes, the creative ideas could be got in the reply of people. The informaiton and opnion could be shared and debated. That was the benifit getting from using social media in the research.

Mutimedia could also be adopted by using social media for research. For instance, some video and audio could be linked or just attached on the website that supplied both researchers and paticipants more flexible resources.

However, there were certainly some shortages in the social media research. For example, security was still the problem throughout the research. The number of samples could not be big enough to support the research. All those were the issue the researchers need to take into account.

In conclusion, although there were some disadvantages in the research based on social media, the pros still exceeded the cons. Therefore, using social media for research could be encouraged and popularized more in the futher research.

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Self Introduction & Digital Identity

My name is Wen Qi and I come from China. I have been in UK since one and a half years. I like UK as cities are very clean and there are few pollutions in the enviroment. My undergraduate degree is broadcast television engineering which was paid more attention in video.Now I am doing the master course called Proffessional sound and video technology in the university of Salford. Edwin is my English name, so I just use Edwinqi as the name of my blog.

I started my computer study after middle school. The powerful function of computer really interested me and I felt excited and curious when using computer. After solving the problem for others or myself, I felt extremely happy.

The digital identity was absolutely new to me; however, I find it’s not so difficult to understand. What I understood about digital identity at first was all the information or history records we left on the Internet. However, my understanding was not correct enough. The good explanation from website illustated “Digital Identity” is made up of multiple parts – it isn’t just what we have published about ourselves on the web, but also includes things other people have published about us. So it also could be anything related with you on the Internet that was called “your digital identity”. Some people presented a word called “track” that I liked very much. It seemed like the personal tracks leaving on the Internet.

As far as I am concerned about my digital identity, I felt uncomfortable and sometimes avoided leaving real information on the website. I do not believe the internet as it’s not reliable and the database were easily stolen and made use of by others. So normally, I changed a little bit on my personal information. 

I really take exception on filling the personal information when registering on some websites. I always think there is not any gurrantee on the privacy protection on the website. New technology was always not perfect!

I was shocking by Facebook (Xiaonei in China) that kind of websites when I reconized them. On these websites, I found a lot of my classmates in primary school and high school and my old friends as well. In other words, without this kind of websites, I could never have chance to see or contact with them. That’s amazing! In Facebook, I can know what my friends are doing and how they are. And also I can see their photos they takes recently and previously. That’s really nice for people’s lives. In addition, it’s brilliant to give some common on others’ post and chat with friends.

I also use QQ, MSN, Skype communication software. They are all conveient and useful. These things could allow me to keep in touch my friends for long time. I had hundrends of contacts in my QQ and they are my classmates and friends in different period of time. I also have some groups in some areas, such as study or interests groups. I think they are part of my life!

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Hello world!

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